Lantern Advising

Illuminating the human element of business & communication

Products need customers, start-ups need investors, speakers need listeners. Understanding human behavior and motivation – whether turning idea to strategy, product to customer, or speaker to audience – builds the bridge to success.

The entrepreneurial journey is rarely just about having a good idea. Establishing prominence and growth means making informed decisions about a new business idea, developing effective messaging and delivery, and eventually leading and inspiring a team. The good news is people can develop and grow these skills by applying the science (and more accurately art) of psychology to business and communication.

The goal at Lantern is to realize ideas, enhance interpersonal communication, and connect with consumers by understanding how people think about the world, learn from their surroundings, and behave in response. 

Where can Lantern help you develop?

Business plan ideation and creation:

Is this idea feasible?

Will others pay for it?

What buy-in do I need?

Can I do this alone?

Pitching and presentation content:

Is my ask clear?

Do the visuals make sense?

What do investors want?

Do I cover my bases?

Public speaking and delivery:

How do I overcome anxiety?

Who is my audience?

How do I maintain attention?

What’s my speaking style?

New product and brand strategy:

Do people need this product?

Who’s my competition?

Does my brand stand out?

Who should I target?

Leadership and team dynamics:

Do others see my vision?

Is my team communicating?

What do my employees want?

What are good team dynamics?

Employee engagement and inclusion:

How do I practice diversity & inclusivity?

How should I give feedback?

Do people feel heard?

How can I bolster engagement?