Liza Katsman

MBA, Founder & Head Advisor

Guiding success through human connection, whether taking the first steps of a new idea, or communicating that idea to new audiences. I have a passion for understanding consumer behavior and effective communication by analyzing the intersection of how people think, feel, act, and react to social influence. I have seen even the most impressive innovations fall through the cracks without a compelling consumer strategy and message to propel them forward and make a lasting impression, which highlights the human element of success in business.

After earning a B.S. from UCLA focused in neurophysiology and the science of learning, I applied these skills as a high school teacher. This inspired my return to research in social psychology and behavior, which translated professionally to conducting user research and implementing diversity practices in the entertainment industry. I returned to UCLA Anderson, earning an MBA in entrepreneurship and brand strategy, with a focus on organizational behavior. Along this path, I have guided students, peers, and executives through the process of developing and conveying novel plans and products, expressing their ideas on stage, and fostering inclusive and engaging work environments.