Client Stories

As a small business owner, Lantern has been what moved me from an idea to a tangible plan. This included forming a brand with a cohesive logo, name, and method for reaching clients and monetizing my services – always with the future customer in mind. Liza’s guidance was aligned with my goals and vision without being overwhelming or difficult to implement.  


Small business owner

I had the pleasure of working with Liza to develop the plan and pitch for my app, and she was an incredibly valuable resource. She applied her knowledge of business to the pitch content, while also helping perfect my delivery. Most noteworthy is how personable and flexible she was to my style of working.



I worked with Liza for two years as a fellow organizational leader. One of her strongest skills is the ability to synthesize and present complex and data-driven concepts in a way that’s digestible, straightforward, and most crucially persuasive to whichever audience her message is focused on. Simultaneously, she able to excite people to take bold action and deliver results in a way that is not dictatorial or imposing.


Organizational Leader, Diversity

During the span of working with Liza, her ability to resourcefully create connections and develop valuable relationships was incredibly impressive. She helped me think strategically and clearly about the goals for my business and identify areas of opportunity during the most hectic moments. She is simultaneously intelligent and dedicated, while remaining personable.



I came to Lantern seeking help in preparation to present and defend my business degree thesis. We worked to reduce my anxiety and re-calibrate my train of thought. Some simple tactics took me from being petrified and physically shaking on stage to comfortably delivering my ideas and responding to judges’ questions. 


MBA, Manager of Engineering

Liza consulted on the creation of several new initiatives at our firm. She rose above obstacles on extremely tight timelines and budgets, helping us garner fiscal support from executive leadership, and employee attendance. Any initiative or event she leads in planning ensures inclusivity, efficiency, and most importantly quality entertainment and engagement.


Project Manager